One of my earliest memories, is looking through the viewfinder of my mother’s camera. I was fascinated. At five years old, my dreams came true and I was given my first camera: a cheap plastic 35mm compact. To me, it was the best camera in the world. I photographed everything, and then opened the back to see my art. Probably not the best start for a young photographer. I cried so much. But at this moment, I realized my passion for creating pictures. 
Fast-forward nineteen years, and I’m traveling the world photographing people, stories, and nature. Along the way, whilst in Indonesia, one of my photographs of a religious ceremony, was featured in a local newspaper. That was it for me. So, in 2014, I began learning everything I could about photography, and decided to dedicate myself full-time, to capturing life’s intriguing beauty. 
Continuing to Australia and New Zealand, I honed my skills amongst these striking places. Then came an eight month journey across South and South East Asia, intentionally only travelling by land, starting at Nepal, going through India, Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia and finishing in Vietnam, driving the length of the country on motorbike. The challenges which unfolded, taught me the value of waiting, observing, staying still. My curiosity about people, the world, became focused in anticipating the ideal moment, and throughout this time, I learnt the importance of awareness. 
This endeavour to develop my photography was successful, and in September 2017, I received an invitation from Eyes On Main Street Inc., to make a photographic study of the community in Wilson, North Carolina. After spending time with its many wonderful characters, my work was exhibited there, and later, at the Pingyao International Festival, China.
In 2018, a client in Zanzibar, Tanzania, assigned me to photograph the island and its people. During my two month stay, I captured a variety of scenes, amongst the rich local life. Later that year, one of my images of a beach gym and its patrons, was entered into the Czech Press Photo competition. It was awarded 1st prize in the daily-life category, and exhibited at the Old Town Hall in Prague. 
Then, in 2019, I participated in the annual exhibition with picture Class Under the Tree, organized by Eyes On Main Street Inc., and was honoured to see my work displayed next to images by William Klein, Eli Reed, Bruce Gilden and others. I will be taking part again in the upcoming 2020 edition. 
Originally from the Czech Republic where I am also based, I am always looking ahead for next travels.
Artistic residency at Eyes On Main Street in Wilson, NC, USA (2017)
2018 Group exhibition at X-Foto Gallery, Prague, CZ (2x)
2018 Eyes On Main Street photography festival at Wilson, NC, USA
2018 International Photography Festival Pingyao, China
2018 Czech Press Photo exhibition at Old Town Square, Prague, CZ
2019 Eyes On Main Street photography festival at Wilson, NC, USA
2020 Charitative exhibition SMILE at Point Gallery, Prague, CZ
2020 (upcoming) Eyes On Main Street photography festival at Wilson, NC, USA

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