Who am I and what am I doing?

While traveling the world, I experienced things I wanted to record. Visual arts have always been closest to me, so the camera was a clear choice. 7 let jsem sbíral zkušenosti v celém světě, v Čechách jsem se za tu dobu moc neukazoval. I trained the eye, learned about people, saw the unseen, looked for beauty in everyday life. 

Takové zkušenosti mi v roce 2018 pomohly k prestigious award Czech Press Photo in the Daily Life category for a photograph from Zanzibar, Africa.

The authenticity and atmosphere of photography is important to me.This is true when I take photos abroad, but also at a wedding or studio in the Czech Republic. 

I am constantly learning. I recently completed Portrait Photographer course at the Fotoinstitut in Prague and set up a small home/portable studio. Sometimes I take pictures of works of art or even real estate. And I'm also more and more involved in video production.

Most of all, I still like to go out into the world and devote myself to personal workCapturing the atmosphere of a foreign place or community is for me a form of relaxation and artistic expression, it is a process of exploring, discovering and expanding my horizons, self-knowledge. The biggest reward for me is a photo from which all this breathes on me whenever I look at it. And that's exactly the kind of work I want to create for you, I want every photo I submit to have a charm, an atmosphere, a story-telling charge and even a pinch of humor.

My story in photographs

That's how it all started. While traveling in Indonesia, in 2014, I bought a camera and the next day I captured this event. A photo was printed in a local newspaper a week later, and this little success made me so happy (and gave me the motivation I needed) to know, for the first time in my life, what I was going to do.
In 2016, I embarked on an eight-month trip to Asia without using a single plane. I started in Nepal (pictured Mount Everest at sunset), through India, Burma, Thailand, Cambodia to Vietnam, which I drove through on a motorcycle.
In the summer of 2017, I accepted an invitation to a monthly artistic residency in North Carolina as part of the Eyes On Main Street Festival. I met great people there and in the following years I exhibited there alongside photographers, whom I had only admired in books until then. I still like to go back there.
In 2018, I spent two months on the island of Zanzibar in Africa. Although I was there as part of a commercial contract, with this photo I later won the Czech Press Photo award in the Everyday Life category.
Sometimes I like to take pictures of some cars. This is from a report for Garáž.cz about a veteran rally in the Alps at the beginning of 2019. Three weeks later, I flew to Canada, where I stayed for the rest of the year.
After returning from Canada, in early 2020, I had plans, but global pandemic given me stop-sign. I started doing other things more of a commercial character.